Full Interior Detail

  • Seats, Carpets, Mats and Boot Vacuumed and Shampooed/Steam Cleaned.
  • Leather Seats Cleaned and Conditioned (if applicable).
  • Interior Sanitised to Control Odours and Microbial Growth.
  • Removal of Most Stains, Odours and Bacteria.
  • Trims, Plastics, Dashboard and Console Detailed and Dressed.
  • Air Vents Cleaned.
  • Antibacterial Spray Application.
  • Interior Windows and Mirrors Cleaned.
  • Interior Deodorised.
  • Roof lining Cleaned.

At VMS Detailing, we acknowledge that your car is more than just a mode of transportation – it’s an extension of your character and style. Our skilled Ceramic Coating Melbourne team is zealous about cars and dedicated to re-establishing your vehicle’s paintwork to its former glory or even better! With our high-tech techniques and premium benefits, we promise a transformation that will leave you speechless.

We offer Full Detail and Full Exterior makeover. Imagine your Tractor Details free from swirl marks, holograms, and oxidation – a mirror-like finish that radiates sheer elegance. Whether you seek Graphene Ceramic Paint Protection or Motorhome Caravan Detail, we have you covered. Read our blog for more details.

Additional Services

  • PPF
  • Sticker Removal
  • Overspray Removal
  • Concrete Removal
  • Car Wrapping
  • Window Tinting
  • Truck Detail Interior (Cabin Only)
  • Truck Detail Exterior (Cut & Polish) Prime Mover
  • Truck Full Detail + Trailer
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Boat Detailing
  • Jet Ski Detailing
  • Agricultures Machineries (Tractors)
  • Constructions Machineries
  • Aircraft Detailing
  • Motorbikes Detailing


  • Extremely dirty vehicles including removal of excessive pet hair will incur additional charges.
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