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Immaculate Cut And Polish/Paint Correction

Unleash an immaculate shine with VMS Detailing’s precision Paint Correction service, restoring your car’s beauty to perfection.

What is the Car Paint Correction Process?

If you’re looking for a business that perfects the art of paint correction, VMS Detailing in Hoppers Crossing is the place for you! Paint Correction permanently removes defects within your car paint to reveal a perfect, deep, lustrous shine. Paint Correction is not just a ‘cut or buff’;. It is an absolute transformation of your car’s paintwork. This requires a lot of expertise, accurate tooling, and time for vehicles that need the best possible paint finish.
At VMS, we inspect your car to assess the paint’s condition and thickness before we offer a suggestion or quotation. Based on our years of experience and weighing these factors, fully assessing your car will allow us to provide you with an enlightening and accurate time and cost for correcting your paintwork.
Experience the distinction with VMS Detailing, where we incorporate cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship to restore your vehicle’s paint to its original glory. Our diligent approach ensures an immaculate finish, enhancing the beauty and value of your car—trusts VMS for outstanding paint correction expertise.

Do you need help with your vehicle?

Let VMS Mobile Detailing’s expertise keep your car looking immaculate inside and out!


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Frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t listed below, please contact us on +61 402 052 680

Our Nano Graphene Coating V3 can last up to 7 years and Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra can last up to 9 years with proper maintenance.
Maintaining your car with our coating is easy; regular washing and occasional detailing keep it looking great.

After your car has been coated, avoid washing it for at least seven days to allow the coating to cure fully.

Yes, we offer Interior Ceramic Coating services to protect and enhance the interior surfaces of your vehicle.

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