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The Pros & Cons of Ceramic Car Coating

It makes sense that you would want to keep your new car in perfect shape for as long as possible after you buy it. The paint job of a car is the first thing that most people notice about it. It genuinely hurts when a car, new or old, has its paintwork damaged in any way, whether it be from a scratch or dent. Ceramic car coating steps in to save the day. Yet, there are a few drawbacks along with the benefits. We will pay special attention to the benefits and drawbacks of ceramic automobile coating in this blog post today.

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What is car ceramic coating?

Before we dive into the pros and cons of ceramic car coating, you must know what ceramic coating is.  An advanced protective layer that is placed on your automobile’s exterior to improve its visual appeal and safeguard it from outside forces is called a car ceramic coating. Carefully read our prior-posted blog on paint protection film vs ceramic coating for your benefit.

Who needs car ceramic coating?

Besides the obvious list of benefits of ceramic coating, you must understand who needs such a service. The following are the conditions where one must consider having their vehicle ceramically coated.

  • Ceramic coatings are great for people who don’t always wash their cars.
  • Ceramic coatings provide superior defense against inclement weather.
  • The increase in resale value may not balance the original outlay if you intend to sell your automobile shortly.

To make these arguments easier for you to understand, we have divided the pros and cons of ceramic car coating into separate sections.

The pros of having a ceramically protected vehicle:

  1. Unrivaled Protection:
    Car Ceramic Coating Melbourne functions as an enhanced barrier, protecting your paint against UV radiation, bird droppings, acid rain, and small scratches alike. Having protection against UV rays is a huge plus for any vehicle owner. Consider it as an imperceptible shield for the exposed body of your car.

2. Without Hassle Cleaning:
A ceramic-coated car is very easy to wash. You may save a lot of time by rinsing off dirt, filth, and even bird waste effortlessly. Instead of being a terrible task, upkeep becomes an inexpensive and fun task.

3. Environmental benefit:
Ceramic coatings help lessen the need for frequent detailing since they are more durable than conventional wax or sealant applications. This translates into less waste from throwaway detailing supplies and fewer toxins being emitted into the environment during car wash operations.

4. Superb Polish:
With ceramic coating, your automobile will appear as though it just came off the production line. A ceramic coating provides an unmatched level of polish and sheen. Water and grime are repelled by the hydrophobic qualities, creating an outer layer that easily gems and slips off. VMS Mobile Detailing has an incredible track record and will always provide your car with a high-quality shine.

5. Enhanced Resale Value:
A perfectly tidy, ceramic car coating will undoubtedly get a higher price when it comes time to sell. Your car will emerge from other vehicles because potential purchasers will value the additional maintenance and safeguards.

6. Extended lifespan:
The car ceramic coating cost is extremely low compared to its competitor choices. With appropriate maintenance, ceramic coatings can outlast waxes, which need to be reapplied frequently, by up to five years. Reduced time required for waxing and polishing as well as substantial savings on expenses result from this.

The cons of having a ceramically protected vehicle:

  1. Professional Application:
    Those who are easily alarmed should avoid doing their ceramic coating DIY. Out of all the drawbacks of ceramic coating, this is the most significant. Professional procedures and thorough planning are necessary for this operation. Employing a skilled detailer guarantees correct application and the best possible outcomes. Check out our blog on what is ceramic paint protection coating to get all the information required.

2. Prices:
Based on the dimensions of your car and the coating’s worth, a ceramic coating may require a sizable expenditure. The initial expense can put some people off even though it has advantages in the future.

3. Water Spots:
Although ceramic coatings are water-repellent, improper drying can increase the visibility of water spots. It is essential to use routine drying and washing procedures to avoid this.

4. Improper application:
Coating errors made by unskilled or untrained applicators might result in problems like streaks or inconsistent coverage. This emphasizes the importance of selecting a trustworthy ceramic coating detailing service.

5. Upkeep:
Despite being easy to maintain, ceramic coatings still need to be occasionally cleaned. Regular washing with a pH-neutral car wash and suitable drying processes are required to preserve the coating’s durability and function. There is a blog we posted on “don’t buy a ceramic coating until you read this” to get additional information.

6. Hardly Scratch-Proof:
Although ceramic coating offers some scratch resistance, it is not unbreakable. Traditional restoration techniques will still be needed for larger dents or scrapes.

Despite the many pros and cons of ceramic car coating, the advantages for the external safety of a vehicle are too compelling to ignore.

Before choosing a car ceramic coating service, weigh the above-mentioned pros and cons of ceramic car coating from the various brands and compare their prices. For optimum effects, select a trustworthy detailer with ceramic coating application experience.

The Pros & Cons of Ceramic Car Coating

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