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Looking for a service provider for car window tinting Melbourne? The VMS car detailing company covers all types of detail services to protect your vehicles that including car vinyl wrapping Melbourne and paint protection.  Whether it’s car window tints or paint protection, we’re here to get it done appropriately with the best prices and great options. Also, one can make a hassle-free booking with us.

Are you aware of the fact that people who drive consistently are at risk of skin damage and skin cancer? Most windows in a car are usually made of derogatory tempered glass, which shatters in the event of an accident and does not provide protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you drive more than the capacity and are worried about the risk of sun damage, it’s time to learn how effective Melbourne window tints are for UV protection.

Parking in the sun may seem like a bad idea, but in reality, passengers feel uncomfortable while traveling. The car gets warms by the light of the sun and quickly raises the temperature. Car window tints are one of the most effective ways to improve the look of your vehicle. It also reduces the glare that gets inside you through the glass and helps your car’s air conditioning system maintain comfort.


The window tint film is designed to reflect or absorb UV light and prevent it from entering the vehicle. When the radiation touches the colored glass, the window film controls the amount of heat and light that passes through it. Therefore, it reduces our exposure to UV light. The car window tint acts as an additional barrier between the cabin and the outside of the car. Made from multiple layers of polyester base, it is scratch resistant and UV blocking. Prolonged exposure to the sun can harm us as well as the car itself, but window shades can reduce the negative effects of the sun’s heat rays. It reflects some of the sunlight and allows only the emission wavelength to pass. This also means that one can take the benefit from the sun’s rays without raising the temperature inside the car.


Hybrid films: They are highly reflective of heat and UV light, have low fading resistance, are durable, and do not interfere with device signals.

Carbon Foil: If you want to make it best, this may be the shade. It has the best UV protection that gives an elegant look. Also bringing a significant solar heat reduction.

Ceramic Foil: Yes, it’s even better. This is the best window tint that offers UV protection, reduced glare, a significant reduction in solar heat, and excellent visibility. Of course, there is also a price.

Dyed Foil: It is the most common type as it is the most durable and most cost-effective option. It provides its colored appearance, and high visibility and blocks some of the sunlight from the car. However, it does not provide the best UV protection or heat resistance and causes discoloration over time.

Crystalline: They have several advantages in shades that block UV rays and heat but do not look dark.

Metalized film: The metal particles in the film deflect light and help protect it from UV light. This type of tint has a shiny look and is resistant to fading. It is also durable and enables the strengthening of the windows


Car Protection  

It is a well-known fact that exposing your car poses an internal hazard. Sun rays are enough to damage expensive leather seats.

Large area irradiation can cause the leather base to fade or tear due to overheating. It is important not to be exposed to dangerously low levels of radiation that directly affect the interior of the vehicle.

Security and privacy 

This is the most common reason people color their cars. In the event of an accident, the tint film provides another protective layer, mainly while the effect causes the window to crack or shatter. Valuables carried can be seen by passers-by if they are not shaded. Therefore, car window tints provide security.

Reduced glare 

Many problems aren’t just about driving with the sun in direct contact with your face. The visibility of the road can be affected by the brightness of the sun and also distract drivers. Glare can also cause migraines, which can be avoided by coloring the car.

Provides a new look 

Improves the look and feel and enhances future resale value. There are various shade strengths to choose from, and the darker the shade, the cooler the car will look.

Cools the car 

The coolness inside the car can be maintained by window tinting. It helps in blocking the light rays and therefore uses less energy to cool the car.


VMS offers services of car window tinting Melbourne. Services range from new to vintage, hybrid to performance, luxury to regular, and everything in between. Our technicians are eligible to install functional and decorative window paints that protect and strengthen the automotive glass. Since it’s hard to see inside the car, shades also provide an additional layer of security and privacy. Before you decide to color your car windows, consider it before you make a purchase so that you can make informed decisions about how to color state windows There are several things that try to educate you.



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