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Car wrapping in Melbourne

  • Introduction
  • Features of car wrapping 
  • Varieties of car wrapping 
  • VMS Car vinyl wrapping in Melbourne 
  • VMS car wrapping process


When it comes to car protection and maintenance, the owner is concerned more about the varieties. There is multiple car wrapping such as customized, paint protection, car vinyl wrapping, etc. which makes a person confused whether which is the best car wrapping in Melbourne. There are multiple benefits to car wrapping. It differs from vehicles and their specifications.

VMS car detailing provides all the types of car wrapping in Melbourne.

At VMS Car Detailing, we take great care to ensure that all parts of the car’s wrapping are done perfectly. Settling for something less is not our belief so you and your vehicle are in great hands. We are honored to have our clients entrust us with valuable assets and maintain their trust by providing excellent service.

Features of Car wrapping

  • Excellent long-term film removal over the life of the applied product
  •  Excellent durability and outdoor performance due to the stain-resistant properties of the film
  • Color film and one structural protective layer
  •  Very high gloss or matte finish
  •  Excellent 3D compatibility with concave and convex shapes

Varieties of Car wrapping

Getting a car wrap is nothing new but selecting the type is difficult. There are various types of car wrap and each differs. Some get it done for cars while others get it done for trucks and caravans. No matter what type of wrapping you choose, you will enjoy many benefits from car wrapping services. This service is relatively cheap. The film is easy to remove and is extremely durable. You can also protect the original car paint. Below are different varieties of car wrapping in and around Melbourne.

Matte Wrapping 

As the name implies, it gives your car a matte finish. No light can be reflected on this surface. Matte foil gives your car a classic look. It also makes your car unusual.

Gloss wrapping 

Glossy car wraps can change the look of the entire vehicle. It can make your car more stylish. Therefore, if you want to give your car a glossy finish, this film is your ultimate choice. The glossy film resembles classic and original car paint. The glossy car wrap finish is very smooth.

Brushed wrapping  

Brushed Car wrapping can be divided into two types. These include brushed texture auto foil and brushed material auto foil. Both are unique. The brush drip is easy to install. After taking up brushed wrapping, the vehicle is sure to get a new look.

Satin wrapping  

Satin wrapping gives your car a very professional look. Therefore, it can be used for mobile advertising. Apart from that, satin wrap offers a very sophisticated design. Therefore, if you are looking for a combination of glossy film and matte film, satin car film is the best choice.

Give your car a brand new look with VMS car wrapping in Melbourne.

Style your car

When it comes to changing the look of your car to a unique design, nothing can beat car wrap. Unlike car paint which demands a lot of money and time from car owners, car wrapping is an instant formula to transform the older look of your car. Before we apply a car vinyl wrap to your vehicle, we follow a thorough cleaning process to ensure every corner of the vehicle will wrap properly.

Limitless car wrap options

We understand when you don’t want your car to look like every other car on the road. In order to distinguish your car from the rest, you want it to be unique and stand out.

Hence, to take care of such needs, we offer an extensive variety of car vinyl wrap options with supreme colors and textures to make sure your car looks its best.

Looks like paint

Car wrap, a paint protection film is the best alternative to car paint because it protects your car from scratch, dent, and UV damage.

Vinyl wraps from our company are of high quality and can last for many years when properly maintained. Through car wrap, we can give your car a matte finish that will make it stand out from the crowd.  In addition, there is no damage to the paint when it is removed.

VMS car wrapping process

Decontamination cleaning 

To achieve the best results, all vehicles start with a multi-step cleaning process. This process ensures that the car wrap’s adhesive adheres to the surface and gives a paint-like finish.

Removal of exterior parts 

After the vehicle has been cleaned and dried, some of the vehicle’s components are professionally taped and removed by in-house vehicle specialists with special care.

Vinyl Car Wrap Application 

Once the removed components are safely stored, the vinyl car wrapping process begins with a certified installer applying the car wrapping vinyl as per the requirements.

Inspection before delivery 

A certified installer will perform a pre-check to ensure that the edges, corners, or seams are fully trimmed and heat-sealed.

Car wrapping in Melbourne

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