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Best Professional Ceramic Coating For Car – VMS Mobile Detailing

The shine of a new car doesn’t last forever, but with a ceramic coating on it, it certainly can. We all want our car to have the same smooth finish from the day we pick it up from the dealer. Ceramic coating helps in car paint protection.

Ceramic Coating
Ceramic coatings for cars are usually made of silicon dioxide, which is derived from natural materials such as quartz and sand. Some grades and brands also use titanium dioxide (titanium, Ti02) as an additional hardener. It is a long-term nano automotive paint treatment and protectant that is applied in liquid form and cures to form a hard layer on the painted surface. The application of ceramic coatings will enable the protection of paint.

The coatings for the car create a bonded seal on the painted surface to block the harmful effects of UV rays, dirt, and even bird droppings. High-quality ceramic coatings for cars will change the look of your car. It also depends on the car’s paint color, glass-like finish, and protection of your vehicle from the elements. But which type of car ceramic coating are better? Are they worth it to use? Will coating help in car paint protection? Let’s find out the top 5 ceramic coatings for cars and other vehicles.

1. CarPro CQuartz
CQuartz is on this list because of the bright mirror finish it provides. The gloss can be achieved if you work hard for a good application. Many companies showcase this as a “professional product”, but it is a real pick-out. CarPro CQuartz uses up to 70% quartz to provide true mineral hardness and durability found only in nature. The quartz content allows this product to repel water better than any other product on the market. Water simply granules and rolls off your car. Even dirt will be reduced, and car wash effort will be much less.
Professional Formula
Up to 2 years of protection
Delivers high-quality shine

2. Shiny armor fortify quick coat
With a blend of surfactants and SiO2, this formulation is safe for all surfaces. It allows you to give your vehicle a new shiny coat in less than 15 minutes. This 3-in-1 porcelain coating sprayer provides water-free wash, coat, and also shine in one bottle. Best of all, it leaves a nice hydrophobic coating. As a result, it lasts 2-3 months. Therefore, this car paint protection product is ideal for anyone who needs a quick and easy way to maintain a clean finish on their vehicle.
Safe for all types of surfaces
Lasts for 2, 3 months
3 in 1 ceramic coating sprayer
Wash without water
Gives coating and shining

3. Chemical Guys HydroSlick SiO2 Ceramic Coating
Its process of application is simple and fast. The ceramic coating is designed with hydrophobic SiO2 compounds to ensure water and plate protection after application. After washing the car, apply the gel, let the gel harden for just 30 seconds, and dry the treated surface with a high-quality microfiber towel.
Works on all kinds of exterior surfaces
Easy process to use
Made from hydrophobic SiO2 polymer

4. Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating
This ceramic coating for cars and other vehicles contains SiO2 polymers – silica nanoparticles. The elements will give a glass look and shine to vehicles. These polymers also contribute to water repellency and crust formation after the ceramic coating has cured. Its application process is simple, requiring only two sprays, wiping with a microfiber towel, and a drying time of 24 hours.
Sweet fragrance
Easy administration
Made from hydrophobic SiO2 polymer
Works well for all exterior surfaces

5. Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax
Meguiar’s was one of the first to offer an affordable ceramic coating solution that you can easily apply at home. It’s called a “hybrid ceramic wax” detail spray, with advanced SiO2 helping to protect the ceramic wax. Like other ceramic finishes, the results are observed immediately by spraying water on your car.
Simple spray, wash, and dry process
Provides protection and durability as compared to regular wax
Advanced SiO2 Hybrid Technology

Best Professional Ceramic Coating For Car – VMS Mobile Detailing
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