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After a whole week or month of use, it is necessary to clean the cars, trucks, or boats. The maintenance of vehicles is taken up depending on the user and the budget. For some only cleaning is enough while others go for ceramic coating.

What is the ceramic coating? 

Ceramic coating is the chemical polymer applied to the exterior of the vehicle. The aim is to give protection to vehicles. It is popular from the beginning but now it is more affordable and widely known. Various types of kits, sprays, and hybrid waxes are available.  As a result, coatings can be picked according to the care and concern an individual takes for automobiles.

Ceramic coatings are nanoscale long-term treatments and protective agents for automotive exterior coating. They are applied in the form of liquid and cured on top of the coating. It protects car paint from dirt and damage and keeps it clean longer. The ceramic coating produces strong water and dirt beads. This gives the car a very glossy layer.

What is Boat Detailing? 

Boat detailing is the process of revamping the exposed surface of the boat to improve its appearance. The process includes cleaning, waxing, polishing, and varnishing various areas of the container. The action involved in this procedure is different because the surface of the container is made of different materials. This includes such as fiberglass, gel coat, stainless steel, canvas, and mahogany.

After getting well versed with the meaning, let’s look at some tips for boat detailing and its maintenance.

Tips for boat detailing

  • Washing 

Clean water spray is used to remove dirt and dust from the surface.  It is just used to remove loose parts on the surface of the boat. But it will not be completely clean.

  • Soaping

After removing the dust and fraying of debris, work on the more stubborn stains on the exterior. Use a special boat cleaner to whisk the outside of the boat and remove the dirt.

  • Waxing

Use the same brand of wax as the cleaner you are applying and rub the boat with considerable pressure. Do it little by little, and after a while, take it out and let it dry.

  • Internal cleaning 

All metal fittings inside can be cleaned and restored with the help of metal polishing. Waxing is required to keep the metal surface shiny.

  • Finishing 

Apply protective agent to all areas of the boat exposed to the sun. Aerospace protectants are used on surfaces such as plastic, rubber, and vinyl.

How to maintain it?

  • Fiberglass and gel coats require regular cleaning, waxing, and polishing for protection. Polishing the gel coat not only makes the boat look better but also prevents the fiberglass from becoming dull and chalky.
  • Marine canvas or Strataglass- It deteriorates quickly if not treated properly.  Appropriate polish and protectors should be used regularly. Otherwise, the canvas will leak and the transparent canvas will become cloudy.
  • Brightwork- It includes all wood surfaces and moldings exposed to UV light. Significant maintenance is required to keep them in good condition.
  • Padding and vinyl are found on the boat.  Therefore, cleaning is required several times each season.

What are the benefits of Boat detailing?

The surface of the boat begins to fade and decay overtime when it is exposed to a salty environment or UV light.  Metal parts and surfaces can also corrode and affect performance. This process regenerates the surface and makes it more resistant to harsh environments. Detailing not only improves the appearance of the boat but also extends its useful life.

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